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The Tin Life is about holistic living for curious minds. 

It’s about being good to our bodies and being green with our homes (and lives). It’s being creative from that part of us that is innately creative, even if we’ve covered it up over the years. It’s about living consciously and graciously, expansively and boldly. It’s about relationships and food – and being radically honest about both. It’s really about all the things I wish I was taught in school but had to learn – sometimes the hard way – as an adult. 

I’m coming at this as a nosy student. I always want to learn more. If you’re the same, then I do hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do. 

Let’s live well!

So, why “tin”? Well, I once received a Sagittarius mug on a birthday when I was a child. It said my gem was topaz, my element was fire, and my metal was tin. Tin? Not gold, not silver, not copper, but – tin. Boo. Over the years, though, I’ve come to love it for being humble yet strong. 

This is an offshoot of my blog at nupupress.com (that’s my name: Nupu Press). This is how I describe myself there:

Introvert (but do a mean impression of an extrovert). A little obsessed with uncluttering life. Very obsessed with films, books and anything that’s brain food + heart-racing. People observer. Love understanding the story behind everything.

Graduated from Harvard. Working in film production since 1995. Write fiction. Give workshops on storytelling. Lived/studied/worked in the UK, US, Kuwait, India, Bangladesh and Italy. Wandering nomad for much of my life, now becoming loyal to stability.

You’re welcome to email me directly at nupu at nupupress.com or use the form here. Thanks!